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There is always one person who instigates changes in your life and I would like to thank my friend Connie for being my instigator and getting me started with all this HTML stuff. She had the "nerve" to send me an email with a colored background, a gif, and music. She is the reason these pages happened. Thanks Connie.

I'd also like to thank my friend Aninka for her help in creating these pages...Thank you, so very much Ani. Check out her site on my "BANNER EXCHANGE".

My thanks go to my friend Jan for her suggestion about the "Disclaimer" statement. Thanks Jan. Visit her site on my "LINKS".

A very special thank you to Rob for my Felix The Cat Guestbook gif. Check out his Motown Midi site on my "BANNER EXCHANGE".

Many thanks to Jade for her help with "tables" and for providing the roses gif on my "White Roses" page. Check out her Cozy Creations site on my


Where in the world would I be without Lew???

Unable even to come to the phone - that's where!!!


My friend Lew's

(a/k/a The Old Wizard)

favorite Christmas gif.

Thank you, Lew, for sending midis and gifs,
for your support and patience
and most of all
for your friendship.
I love ya ~ LOTS!!!


Ultimate thanks go to Blue Satin for making the "Dark Eyes 7 Holiday Gifs" banner & guestbook bells. I am in awe of her talents. Thanks Blue Satin. Click on her "Banner By Blue Satin" to email her with your request for a banner set and, also, check out her site on my "BANNER EXCHANGE".

I am truly grateful for such wonderful friends. My very best wishes go out to all these delightful people for a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and very prosperous New Year.